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  • Rachel

Teaching at SUNY Geneseo

I'm excited to be back at SUNY Geneseo this year, teaching Movement for Musical Theatre and Speech for Singers courses! These classes, taught during the fall semester, are offered to juniors and seniors in the Musical Theatre program.

These courses cover a wide range of material. For Movement, we focus on creating a character and telling the story of the play using your physicality, with exercises in Laban, Viewpoints, and general movement activities. In Speech, we study the Linklater voice method as well as diction and IPA. Both courses end with a study in Shakespeare, using our movement activities in Shakespeare scenes, and our speech activities in Shakespeare monologues and soliloquies.

I taught these courses in 2019 for Geneseo, and it was such an enriching experience. Although I have the syllabi and outlines for those classes from when I taught them in 2019, I am currently looking at what I taught and how I taught it, reflecting on past mistakes and successes to make sure I'm teaching my students as well as I can. My goal is always to make sure my students are learning as much as possible using methods that are easy for them to engage with.


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