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Student Work


Eighth Grade students learned about given circumstances and their use in theatre. First we examined given circumstances found in paintings. Next, students created a story for the painting. Depending on the class, they either created 3 tableaux, or they wrote a scene that followed dramatic structure.

"The Card Players" by Paul Cezanne

"French Soldiers in the Snow" by Paul Louis Narcisse Grolleron

Commedia Dell'Arte masks created by 8th grade students. The students designed the masks based on traditional elements of their character's mask, as well as their own interpretations of their character.

Mask 1.jpg
Mask 2.jpg

Theatre of the Oppressed

While examining Theatre of the Oppressed, 11th and 12th grade students were given reflection assignments, and I encouraged them to write, dance, draw, or make music to provide their response. Below is a sample of some of the responses received throughout the unit.

TO Reflection 2 (Apr 2- 2019 at 11-39 PM

Prompt: "When I think of Theatre of the Oppressed, I am curious about..."

A, 12th Grade

"[Theatre of the Oppressed seems to me like] a way for students to function with an open mind in class. However, because it is not concrete like a water bottle or a chair, I have trouble defining what it is. However, I do know that it feels right to me to be learning it. ... I know that learning to open myself to seeing my position in society and being aware of learning critically are important skills in my life. Maybe they will even help me answer all my questions on oppression."

J, 11th Grade

Prompt: "When I think of Theatre of the Oppressed, I am curious about..."

A, 12th Grade

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