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Digital Theatre Delights - Fake Friends and Flying V Theatre

Updated: Mar 10

I saw/experienced two really fascinating pieces of digital theatre this past week. First was Circle Jerk: Live by Fake Friends, which, in their words, "examines how politics can empower a group of people who have been historically oppressed to become the oppressors. It's winter on Gaymen Island, a summer retreat for the homosexual rich and fame-ish, and this off-season, two white, gay internet trolls hatch a plot to take back what's wrongfully theirs." It was messy and chaotic and also exquisitely times and clever. It was performed live on stage while also being streamed digitally, but it was originally conceived to be performed via a digital platform. The show made use of TikTok, internet memes, quick changes, and clever videography in ways I keep thinking about. This was so much more than just watching a filmed version of a stage show, and I am curious what the in person-audience experienced!

The second was Flying V Theatre's .DOCS. Should I call this a beginner live-action roleplay? A process drama? A text-based play? Process drama is what sticks with me most, although we didn't end up doing a lot of "processing" at the end of it. This show was done entirely via a private Discord server, text messages, and Google Docs. It started as silly engagement with a Kaiju fan club, and turned into something much larger, asking questions about ethical dilemmas and what our responsibilities are in online communities. I was rivited and so engaged. (And who would have I though I would ever sit breathless watching a Google doc be created?)

I love classic theatre, but I get so energized seeing the ways other artists are taking storytelling and reshaping our experiences into something new.

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